Get creative whilst drinking coffee

A great deal can be achieved over a cup of streaming hot coffee. In fact a majority of the successful people in history has completed some of the best works in coffee shops. The likes of Pablo Picasso, JK Rowling and Bob Dylan are only a few of those examples. One of the easiest ways of tapping into your creativity is by taking your work to Cafe.


Kallungar cafes enhancing your productivity

There are few reasons why a special cafe in Kallangur can enhance creativity. The combination of the noise along with the visual variety provides the right amount of distractions to help us be our most creative self. Scientific evidence points out that background noise can help improve Creative Thinking. In fact moderate level of noise in a cafe can provide a sudden surge of creative energy. It can lead to improved decision making and some people event dubbed it as the coffee shop effect. The light conversation and the softly playing jazz music in the background are not a nuisance but something which can help you relax and focus on the task at hand.

Another motivating factor is the throng of people who are just there to do the same as what we are doing and it can be your number one motivator. A study conducted in 2016 points out that the participants when they sat next to each other in front of the computer were in sync with the people sitting next to them and if they were working hard, the other person was prompted to do the same.

The same way when you are working out in a gym and you see a person next to you trying to make the most of the time by exercising, you are motivated to do the same. The same thing happens when the person sitting next to you in the cafe is busy working on their project and there by motivating you to do the same. This is known as the social facilitation effect just the way that you go and see other people working you yourself get in the mood to be more productive and therefore start working as well.

Another factor for improving creativity is the visual variety offered at Kallungar Cafe. You can get tired by looking at the same scenery of the four walls all around you. The hub of the cafe and all the people coming and going can improve your mood a great deal. Add to it a cup of steaming hot delicious coffee and buttered croissants and you are good to go.

The cafe also provides visual stimulation which has an impact on the creative thinking process although you might be working on a problem which requires you to think outside the box, you need some sort of inspiration to do it. The right kinds of visuals provide that inspiration. The aroma of the coffee and the food acts like a micro stimuli and all this activate the cells in our brains and allows working better.





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